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21 Hospitality Group

"Working with Antony has been best management one-to-one coaching I have experienced. Using his wealth of experience, great way of asking questions & probing topics of conversation allowed me to break down my current managerial style into areas I can then work on & improve.


I found it very engaging, sometimes a little uncomfortable to dig a little deeper! But extremely thought-provoking and importantly allowed me to translate my thoughts & learnings into my day-to-day work, work/life & style of management.


I feel the coaching sessions will help me become a better leader, improve my communication with employees, build relationships and be more productive within my team.


I have improved my ability to become more 'self-aware', identify behavioural styles and have better one-on-one discussions with my team.


It has helped me enormously to think outside the box"

Chris Eagle, Head Chef  - 21 Hospitality Group

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Lounge on the Green

James Hill – Owner / Managing Director,
Lounge on the Green, Houghton

"I have worked with Antony (AWP Consultancy) since June 2021. When we first started working together I was spinning many plates and trying to micromanage many areas within my business.

Time management, the ability to delegate, and work life balance were areas where I was majorly lacking.

Antony challenged my way of thinking, made me stop and review situations, subsequently helping me define strategies to prevent their occurrence moving forwards.

Since then, he has assisted me in developing a very successful business concept (launched in October 2021), and more importantly helped me to adopt a fresh approach to managing my business.

Coaching has helped me to empower my team and has allowed me to delegate responsibility effectively, adding both value and time.

Our monthly sessions together have become pivotal in terms of challenging my processes and decisions, with a thorough review adding solid perspective to the proposed outcomes."

Farlam Hall Hotel & Restaurant

Joe Walter & Kathy Mares - Owners of Farlam Hall

"AWP Consultancy was contracted to provide services to Farlam Hall Hotel in June 2021. Antony comes with a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry. 


He has been instrumental to Farlam Hall in re-organising management and operations, recruiting talented staff, developing and coaching the team, and enhancing operational systems.


He has also provided both strategic and tactical guidance in developing the future direction for Farlam Hall as the business moves forwards.

As the owners of Farlam Hall, we would highly recommend Antony for consulting work in the hospitality industry. "

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Armstrong Watson

Paul Dickson
Chief Executive & Managing Partner

"Antony, thank you for your guidance and support to make our vision a reality. We have had great feedback from our clients, the team and other professionals. It was important for us to create a fantastic environment for our people, who are vital to the success of Armstrong Watson and to our clients.

You have helped us create that for the direct benefit of both these clients and our colleagues

- thank you!"

Ian A M Harkness

Founder & Managing Director, Shire Hotels
Director of Daniel Thwaites PLC (1980-2007)   


"I have known Antony now for over thirty years in a professional capacity. He joined the company in 1989 and secured his first General Managers position within ten years.

During his time with us. he successfully managed three properties with very diverse markets including transient, conference, leisure and weddings.


He also managed during major capital developments and through some very challenging times.

As a company we had a policy of developing from within, in which Antony was most successful demonstrating all our companies core values.

His vigor, enthusiasm and glass half-full approach was evident throughout. Challenges were met head on following thoughtful consideration.

Since my retirement I have taken an interest in monitoring his further development and undertaking mentoring when asked.

I know from experience as a customer that the consultancy work he has done at Farlam Hall has been comprehensive and exhaustive. The groundwork he has laid has delivered all the right ingredients for that business to flourish in the future.

On a more personal note I have always enjoyed our contacts where Antony demonstrates his numerous personal skills. 

On the basis of the above, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending his services."

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