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Unlocking Success:
The Key to Recruiting and Retaining the Right Talent

Antony Penny - AWP Consultancy


In the fast-paced landscape of business, recruitment stands out as one of the most

daunting challenges for leaders. The ability to attract and retain the right people can

make or break an organisation's success. Good leaders understand that getting the

right individuals onboard is paramount, setting the stage for future growth and


At the heart of effective recruitment lies a fundamental principle: prioritise the "who" before the "what". Rather than focusing solely on specific roles or tasks, leaders

must first identify and secure individuals whose character traits and innate

capabilities align with the organisation's values and objectives. It's not about filling

positions; it's about building a team of exceptional talent.

To achieve this goal, leaders should look at three practical disciplines for making

rigorous people decisions:


1. If in Doubt, Don't Recruit: Rushing to fill a vacancy can lead to costly

mistakes. Instead of settling for mediocre candidates, maintain a steadfast

commitment to finding the right fit. Keep searching until you discover

someone who embodies the qualities essential for success within your


2. Act with Certainty: When it becomes evident that a change is necessary,

whether due to underperformance or misalignment, take decisive action.

However, before parting ways with an employee, ensure that they're not

simply in the wrong role. Sometimes, a small adjustment can unleash their full


3. Focus on Opportunities, Not Problems: Channel your best talent toward

your most promising endeavours. Rather than assigning top performers to

tackle organisational challenges, leverage their skills and expertise to

capitalise on significant opportunities for growth and innovation.


Contrary to popular belief, people are not your most important asset, the RIGHT

people are! Character, integrity, and a shared vision for success should drive

recruitment decisions, overshadowing mere qualifications or experience.

In essence, building a high-performing team is about getting the right people in the

right seats on the bus. Get the right people on board, place them in the appropriate

roles, and empower them to steer the organisation toward your agreed destination.

Easy eh?

Antony Penny

AWP Consultancy

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