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Positive Attitude

Gill Haigh - MD Cumbria Tourism


I’m going to level with you here, when Antony asked me to write a New Year blog my first thoughts were to write about some of the challenges we are facing as a sector. I won’t list them. We all know what they are.

But who wants to kick off a New Year focussing on the negatives, even though there are plenty of positive things we are all doing to address them.

So, this blog focus is about the power of positivity and where we find that key ingredient.

For me, one of the most powerful sources of positivity comes from collaboration with others. It’s too easy to become inward looking when we are hunkered down in the day today of our own businesses but it’s so invigorating for me personally to look up, look out, listen, learn, share, be open and honest and explore with others. None of us have all the answers but all of us have some of them and putting our thoughts together, chewing the fat, being truly open to ideas, wiling to try something different or accept the need for change is not only healthy but it’s exciting too.

I’m fortunate in my role to work alongside hundreds of business people, partners and a great team and Board. Every single one of them give me inspiration and that gives me energy. It’s amazing how sometimes just a chat can clear the clouds and you can see the horizon ever so more clearly and reach your goals that more easily.

Everyone in Cumbria’s visitor economy is working so hard, always focussed on their customers and managing those challenges. But we are also an industry built on great communicators, ideas people, doers. A problem shared is a problem halved? Or a problem shared is good for the soul that inspires even great success. This year marks 50 years of Cumbria’s Tourist Board, an organisation built on the strength of collaboration. So here’s to the next 50 years of collaborating and succeeding together.

Gill Haigh, Managing Director, Cumbria Tourism

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Cumbria Tourism | Windermere Road | Staveley | Cumbria | LA8 9PL

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